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How can they sell these beautiful dresses for so cheap!?

Posted by Lily Leung on

I was out having drinks with my girlfriends the other day.  One of them, a teacher, invited one of her colleagues to join us.  We were talking about planning a shopping trip (overnight getaway) when her colleague brought up the name of a couple of on-line stores that sell beautiful dresses, swimsuits, sweaters, etc. for less than $10USD.  Her question was "how can they sell these beautiful dresses for so cheap!?"  I happily jumped to answer that question!  My answer, "For starters, these items are probably not designer brand names and originate from China.  Sellers buy these items in bulk for really cheap and make money selling by volume.  Secondly, the quality of the material might be compromised, i.e., they tear easy or are very thin.  Another thing to consider when purchasing these items is sizing.  Often times, the sizing is off because a size small in China would be an XXS here in North America.  For example, I purchase the size extra small here in North America, but when I am shopping in Asia, I buy a size medium.  Just be aware that you may be swayed to purchase the dress because it looks beautiful on-line but it may end of in your donation bag once you receive it.”  I admit; I am a little bias because I myself own and run an on-line store that sells men’s and women’s designer clothing and undergarments.  However, as an eBay, Amazon and on-line shopper I have been burned a few times.  Especially when the price is too good to be true!  I buy what I know, e.g., brands that I trust or have worn in the past.

My friend then responded, “Oh, it’s only $10.  That’s not a lot of money.  It’s such a beautiful dress.”  I then answered with a smile, “But for $20 you can buy a dress at my on-line store Red Tag Central and trust the sizing and quality.  ALL our products are from department stores across the USA.  Hence, the quality of the material will not be compromised, the sizing will not be completely off, and they are all designer name brands you can find here in North America!”  She looks at me straight in the eye and demands, “So what is your web address?!”  She whipped out her cell phone and typed it in her browser and saved the address.  She then smiles at me and asks, “So do I get a special ‘friend’ discount?”  I answered, “Absolutely!  Plus free shipping within the USA!”

If customers ever have doubts and concerns about sizing, e.g., whether the item will fit right or not, I always suggest that they go to Macy’s or Bloomingdales and try on the brand and product they are interested in to guarantee that the item they are purchasing from me fits them the way they like it.  My opinion is one thing; customer’s complete satisfaction is another.  I often advise friends and customers to go to the department stores to try on the brands and styles they like, especially if they are not familiar with the brand and sizing before they purchase from Red Tag Central.  Yes, we offer steep discounts, sometimes up to 75% off retail pricing, but we are an on-line store.  It is hard for customers to see, feel, touch and actually try on the item.  But the great thing about carry designer brand names is that the sizing and material is consistent.  Hence, customers will know exactly what they are receiving, no surprises.  Especially if they know the brand well and have tried it on at Macy’s or Bloomingdales prior to purchasing at Red Tag Central.

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